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Smoke Signals
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Chimney Pro Profiles

Build a personalized profile for your company at Your profile is seen by homeowners searching for chimney professionals in your area via Find Your Chimney Pro.

Find Your Chimney Pro

Promote yourself online by listing your business at Find Your Chimney Pro. Enter the zip/postal codes you service and homeowners will find you. Your listing links to your personalized profile.

Smoke Signals

Benefit from leads generated by Smoke Signals. Respond to homeowners, enabling them to contact you directly. Your response, linked to your profile, remains online further promoting your business to other homeowners with similar concerns.


Write an article on a chimney related topic for homeowners. It's attributed to you and links to your profile, another way to promote your business.

Photo Journal

Ever wish you could share your work results or an interesting job with your colleagues and the world? Now you can. Upload your photos with short captions, telling your story in pictures. Your fellow chimney pros can comment and share their thoughts.

Chimney Search

Your company will be listed in the search engine

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I comment on an article?

If you have additional information about the article's topic, that would contribute to the subject, please do add a comment. This not only helps provide better information for homeowners, but also promotes your business!

My company services more than one state or province. How will I be listed in "Find Your Chimney Pro"?

Click on "Update Service Zip Codes" link in the account area. Add all your zip or postal codes, across states if needed. When homeowners search by zipcode - and most will - you'll be listed in all those zip or postal codes. The state search is presently limited to the state you provide as your location state. But again, we expect the zipcode search will be most popular.

How will I know when a Smoke Signal is submitted?

When a homeowner enters a smoke signal, we make certain it is a valid request. Then we notify you via email. You then have the opportunity to reply at the Smoke Signals section of, where your response is saved and attributed to you, with a link to your profile.

When should I respond to a Smoke Signal

Respond as often as you like, even if the homeowner is not in your area. By adding a response, you are promoting your business. Your response will automatically include a header about your company, with a link to your profile. This is great for increasing your visibility to Search Engines!

How do I best utilize

As we hope you've gathered so far, provides numerous ways for you to promote your business online. The more active you are, assuring your profile is complete, submitting comments and smoke-signal responses, etc. the more Search Engines will pick-up your name and link and rank you and your web site higher.

I own two chimney sweep companies. How should I register?

Registrations are for one company. You will have to create two separate registrations.