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About ICC Industrial Chimney Co.:

Industrial Chimney Company was established in 1991 by a small group of partners with over 75 years combined experience in the chimney industry. Our experience convinced us that the needs of our ultimate customers (the people who live in a house with one of our chimneys) are served best when our products are sold by retailers who specialize in chimney and fireplaces.

Specialty dealers understand the unique nature of our industry and are qualified to provide both technical support and installation. One of the cornerstones of our business is the conviction that hearth dealers are our essential partners in delivering the highest quality, safest chimney systems available.

From the beginning our objective has been to engineer products which enable better, faster installations while using fewer parts; improving installation efficiency. This is the best way we know of to insure that consumers benefit from safer installations and competitive pricing.

Our goal is to do everything possible to help our business partners do the best installation possible for the homeowner.

We focus our efforts in four areas.

We manufacture residential venting, specifically insulated chimneys, double walled stove pipe and chimney liner for wood burning applications as well as venting products for pellet and gas appliances.

We also manufacture the most complete line of high-efficiency, clean-burning fireplaces on the market. Most recently we’ve begun manufacturing clean-burning open fireplaces, a rapidly-growing new category.

In addition we manufacture commercial/industrial venting - everything from chimney liners to 48” diameter pressure stacks, which we sell through specialty reps in that market.

Since the beginning, our residential, commercial, and industrial venting products have enabled us to secure leadership roles in each segment of the industry.

ICC Industrial Chimney Co.
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