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At Grate Wall of Fire, we manufacture and retail our very own line of high efficiency fireplace grates, firebacks, and fireplace accessories. Over the last several years, we have received considerable recognition within the fireplace community as our unique products correct many age old fireplace problems. Many homeowners love the traditional ambiance of a fire burning in an open fireplace but smoke issues and the lack of heat are a source of frustration. That's where we come in. By simply replacing your conventional flat grate with our "Wall of Fire" fireplace grate, your fireplace will start to behave like a well oiled machine.

You see, the "Wall of Fire" fireplace grate is a shallow but vertical unit that restricts the firewood to the rear of the firebox, eliminating fireplace smoke. Firewood is stacked in an upward fashion behind the grate creating a self-feeding fire. This design is also coupled with a U.S. Patented "ember chamber" which slows the rate of firewood consumption while dramatically increasing heat output.

At first glance, this description may make our grate sound like some type of cumbersome contraption but the exact opposite is true. Our "Wall of fire" fireplace grate is hands down the most aesthetically pleasing grate on the market. It is even popular with interior designers looking to accent large fireplaces in high-end homes.

Our "Wall of fire" grate is well on its way to completely revolutionizing the fireplace industry with tens of thousands of units already sold all across the U.S.A. So get yours today and start enjoying some real fires!

Grate Wall of Fire
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