wood furnace automatic damper adjustment

British Columbia, Canada   

Seven inch metal stove pipe attached to brick chimney.

In the vertical part of the pipe is the damper assembly. It is a T shape short pipe section, with the open leg facing out. At the open T end is the damper flap, mounted on two swivel hinges.

The flap is free to swing on these little hinge things. In the center of the damper is the adjustment mechanism - a threaded shaft with a nut like weight threaded onto the shaft.

Screw the weight in, the flapper stays more easily closed. Screw it out-the weight tends to open the flapper.

Lots of draft to the fire, the damper tends to close. Little draft to the fire, the flapper tends to open.


How does one adjust this damper with the weight to get the most efficient burn??? I installed this twenty years ago. It worked fine. Now some kids fiddled with it, so I have no idea where it was set.


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by ChimneyChick | December 12, 2016 ChimneyChick's avatar
Midland, Ontario

trial and error is your best bet.
Once you get the right setting then mark the chain with a bit of nail polish or red paint so that you know where your perfect mark is for your home

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