Top of chimney needs masonry repair

Pennsylvania, United States   

Mortar and several Clay liners at top are broken



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by Home Saver Chimney Sweeps | September 30, 2015
Catawissa, Pennsylvania

Replacing the top tile is a normal repair but if the 2nd one down or more are damaged you will need to reline the chimney. As far as the mortar, if you are talking about the crown wash (top of chimney tapered so water runs off) that too is a normal repair. Should have been concrete but can be repaired using Conproco foundation cement or it’s equivalent. This product has a high concentration of portland cement and glass fibers for strength.

by ChimneyChick | September 30, 2015 ChimneyChick's avatar
Midland, Ontario

I* agree with HomeSaver. the top tile and crown wash can be repaired by a trained professional but if there are more tiles damaged then it becomes more difficult to remove them and replace.
Generally a tech can get the top two tiles out and replace but after that you woul dhave to either reline the chimney or deconstruct the existing chimney to replace the tiles as tiles must be placed at the time of the chimney build due to difficulty in access.
You do not say what is venting up this chimney so your best bet would be to have a CSIA Certified chimney sweep out to assess the situation and then quote on the repair that is best for your situation.  Find one at

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