Smoke throughout house…

Massachusetts, United States   

We have a 1711 home with one central chimney and 4 flus within. We recently had a cap put on top of the chimney and two exterior dampers installed to two of the four flus. We now get smoke throughout the first floor when we burn a fire in the living room. Is there anyway to avoid this. The house now smells smokey all the time!
We also had all new, energy efficient windows installed.
Is all of the above contributing to the problem?


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by 2020 | January 18, 2016
Santa Fe, New Mexico

You have a lot going on there. Multi-flue chimneys can be confusing and carefully checked to be certain which flue goes to which source.  There’s a possibility that one of your exterior dampers isn’t on the fireplace you think it is. I’d suggest opening both exterior dampers and then start a fire in the fireplace in question. Are you getting smoke in the house? Close one damper at a time to see if one might be causing the problem. I doubt if the chimney cap is the problem, but one of those exterior dampers might be.

by Chimney sweeps | January 31, 2016
Boise, Idaho

Try off setting the flues. One higher will not allow down pressure to the other.

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