leaking pipe from chimney during heavy rain

Nova Scotia, Canada   

We were told we needed to replace the whole chimney and that liners aren’t made anymore. 

But, I’ve been reading about chimney liners and don’t believe what we were told.  I think we need a good cleaning and possibly a new liner? 

There is dirty black stuff coming out the pipe that connects to the chimney from our oil furnace. 

But only when we have heavy rain with winds. 

What do you think?


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by ChimneyChick | June 08, 2015 ChimneyChick's avatar
Midland, Ontario

Hello Nova Scotia
YES, chimney liners are still made.
With your oil chimney we would have installed a full stainless steel inner lining system as Oil Residue can be quite acidic and can eat away the existing masonry liner.
So if the chimney is badly deteriorated, then yes a new chimney may be in order.
The dirty black stuff is oil soot being washed/blown down into the clean out.
Here is what I suggest—contact you local WETT Certified chimney tech www.wettinc.ca and have them come out to assess the entire chimney and price out a SS liner if the actual chimney is structurally sounmd. OR second option remove masonry chimney and install an OIL Approved Stainless steel chimney system.
Once the chimney is repaired THEN call in the oil tech to set up the furnace draft for the new chimney or liner.
With regular maintenance and a proper chimney and fuel/air mixture ratio, you should not see anymore black ‘stuff’ in the chimney

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