Leaking chimney

S C, United States   

Free standing stove-metal chimney leaking at top


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by Buck Stove, Pool & Spa | March 12, 2015
greenwood, South Carolina

if you would be more specific about your problem i would be glad to help you.  you may call me at 800-472-6728.  thanks, jason

by ChimneyChick | March 12, 2015 ChimneyChick's avatar
Midland, Ontario

If you metal chimney is leaking water into the home then you should check the flashing around the stack to ensure that there is proper adhesion to the roof.
Also if you have had excessive snow on the roof then chick to ensure it is not built up OVER the storm collar and flashing.
Also IF you had a large snowfall ensure the chimney has not shifted with any snow slide off roof.
If the stove has water IN the Firebox, then it is coming down thru the top of the stack and under the cap.
It is difficult to make a true determination without visiting the home or a more positive definition of the problem. I suggest going to www.csia.org and find a certified SC sweep to come over and investigate the problem.

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