L-Vent chimney for an oil furnace

Ontario, Canada   

Directly under the rain cap .... part of the outer wall of the L-Vent chimney has rusted out, needs to be replace (Security Chimney International LTD… 6” L-Vent ) .... the local Heating & Plumbing company is saying that they can not buy the replacement part because ... it is illegal in Ontario .... and I need to replace the entire chimney .... is this correct ? (chimney 10 years old ... looks good except for the rusted out section on the roof) ... appreciate your info .... Thanks .... Fred from Muskoka


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by ChimneyChick | October 29, 2015 ChimneyChick's avatar
Midland, Ontario

Hi Fred. I do not know who your contractor is but Security Chimneys is still around and they supply chimney to a lot of companies. Even for Oil Furnaces
Depending on wherer you are located in Ontario you should go to the WETT Site at http://www.wettinc.ca and find a Chimney pro in your area that retails Security Chimney.
Now they may mean A vent as L vent is for Natural gas appliances. If you DO have L vent then they are correct but..if it is A vent then you are OK.
If it is JUST the top section that requires replacement then do that.
google Security Chimney oil flue and see what comes up I believe you probably have Security ASHT chimney..

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