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Ohio, United States   

I have an electric insert that we just had sitting in the firebox, but due to some water issues in the room it was figured out that the existing chimney wasn’t anchored to the house and was leaning away.

It was removed but the damper is still in tact so there is about 8-10 courses of brick with a sandstone slab on top. 

They filled the space above the damper with clay. I’m trying go frame the insert in but have a lot of moisture or condensation.

How do I go about sealing the inside of the firebox??  I used furnace cement and coated all the surfaces but still have moisture coming thru the cement from the bottom up about 4” in a few spots. 

Should I be using something different or what other options do I have?

I’m going to fill the open space with Roxul but I would like to know that there isn’t any moisture before I move forward. 

Thanks in advance for any ideas


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by ChimneyChick | April 19, 2017 ChimneyChick's avatar
Midland, Ontario

If you are still having water issues then I would investigate the drainage around the base of the old chimney stack rather than think of it as a top source.
Remove the electric insert for the time being and install a small heater into the space to dry up the moisture.
Once dry then careful investigate where the new wet spots are forming.
Once you have that figured out you can back source where the water is getting in.
You may have to waterproof the outside of the old chimney base.
If you could include pictures of the inside of the firebox and the outside chimney, it would help us diagnose.
Barring that, a call to your local CSIA Certified Chimney professional might help. will get you there

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