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Mich., United States   

How do you determine how tall a chimney should be?

It will be made out of stove pipe.


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by Rhino | September 07, 2017
Mount Vernon, Ohio

Height: Chimney should be 2’ above anything within 10’ & a minimum of 3’ above where it protrudes through the roof, or passes the roof line.  This is according to NFPA211.  Local codes may differ. 

Material: By “stove pipe”, I hope you don’t mean a single wall connector pipe!  This is not chimney and should never be installed through a wall, ceiling or roof, nor should it be installed on the exterior of the home.

by ChimneyChick | September 08, 2017 ChimneyChick's avatar
Midland, Ontario

A chimney must be a minimum of 36 inches above the surface of the roof on the high side and 24” higher than any structure within 10 lineal feet of that structure.
also the manufacturer of any woodstove will give you a minimum requirement of total height and that is generally about 15 feet+

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