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Ontario, Canada   

I just had a new gas fireplace installed after tearing down the brick wood burning fireplace that came with the house.

The installers ran 2 pipes through the existing brick chimney ( 4” for exhaust, and 2’ for combustion). The fireplace is in the basement and the chimney runs up the side of the house to over the roof (about 30’).

The problem is that the new fireplace delivers hardly any heat.

The technicians have been back several times to make “adjustments”, but nothing has changed.

I would appreciate any input to solve my problem.

Thanks for your time.



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by Rhino | April 24, 2015
Mount Vernon, Ohio

These things should have been checked by the techs, in case they weren’t:
- Are 4” & 2” are the proper sizes?
- Were they insulated?  May or may not be required by the manufacturer. 
- Proper fuel type? ... converted properly, if applicable?
- Are all baffles (intake & exhaust) installed properly, if applicable
- Cold air could be leaking into chimney/fireplace cavity.  In a sense, sucking up all of the heat being produced by the new fireplace/insert
- If by “not delivering any heat” you mean “not heating up room”, is basement finished?  Insulated? If unit is installed into unfinished basement (block or concrete walls) basement walls will suck up most of the heat, therefore taking a long time to actually feel much warmth in the room.
- If installers have exhausted all of their ideas, it may be a time for a call to the manufacturer.  This is generally best done by the installer/service technician.  Try to be patient, sometimes this type of issue takes a while to figure out.

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