fireplace smokes

victoria, Australia   


This chimney has a bluestone surround and brick interior rising 20 feet to exit.

As you can see,  it is very wide and we have found that by placing paper and lowering the lip but keeping windows open it does not smoke.

However upon closing windows it smokes.

Without the ‘guard” it gets very smokey.



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by Oliver Beauchemin | July 17, 2015
Waterville, VT

To gain an even greater understanding of smoking fireplaces, do a search at using the search box at the upper right on this page. Enter the words “fireplace smokes”, “smokes” (and then select the articles relating to fireplace).

by ChimneyChick | July 17, 2015 ChimneyChick's avatar
Midland, Ontario

Install a proper permanent metal smoke guard to reduce the opening size and install an outside air vent so that this firplace has its out fresh air supply

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