fireplace smoke

OK, United States   

Why does our fireplace smoke up the room.  Also would using one of the chimney cleaning fix the problem.  If it is real windy out it makes the smoke come into the room.  is it supposed to act that way.


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by Oliver Beauchemin | February 28, 2015
Waterville, VT

Take a look at this article about fireplace and woodstove smoking on windy days:

by ChimneyChick | March 02, 2015 ChimneyChick's avatar
Midland, Ontario

Again, using any of the cleaning logs/sprays or powder will only loosen the soot and creosote in a chimney, a good sweeping may help the problem. If the chimney is too low or slightly or fully blocked the smoke will come back into the home if you do not have a good upward draft established.

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