Draft Problems with Woodstove

Ohio, United States   

I just installed a new woodpro 2.0 wood stove and chimney. I am having issues with a bad backdraft.

My stove is installed in my basement, the chimney goes outside my house and clears my gutter by 3 feet. I also added a 4” vent pipe to the fresh air stove intake and it runs to a screened exhaust outside of my house.

When the stove is not in use, I feel cold air being pulled down from the chimney into the firebox. To start a fire, I have to open my basement door until the fire gets hot enough to start the updraft, and the fire burns perfect.

My biggest problem is when the fire starts to die out. Once the temp drops as it cools, I get a bad backdraft and all the smoke fills my basement until I open the door to get the chimney to updraft again.

Do you have any recommendations on how to fix this issue? Would a different chimney cap help? Raise the chimney height? Any type of anti backdraft damper?


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