Draft Problem with basement (back-up) oil stove

Nova Scotia, Canada   


My 5.5” flu pipe “emergency” oil stove works fine if I light it while furnace is running and causing good draft in my 7” flue.

Once going, it operates just fine. Is there a way (in power failure) I can heat my pipes and get the draft going when furnace does not operate?

For example, maybe (carefully) heat pipe with a propane torch???

Currently, when a storm is coming I light back-up heat before power goes off (while furnace is running), but I an seeking a means to accomplish this if I wake up to find the power is already off. This is an awesome gravity fed oil stove fed from my 200 gal furnace supply. (17 years I have had this and remain very pleased.)

The oil furnace and this stove come together (in a Y), at the entrance to the chimney.

Thank you so much.


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by ChimneyChick | February 04, 2015 ChimneyChick's avatar
Midland, Ontario

I would not suggest putting a blow torch up the chimney for a liquid fuelled appliance. If there are deposits in the chimney they could ignite.
There is a wonderful product retailing in Canada called the DRAW COLLAR. you can look it up on Google.
They work wonderful but you should contact the manufacturer to see if can be used on an oil unit. It connects to the black pipe so I do not see a problem, but best to check anyways.
http://www.drawcollar.com/ is the direct link

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