Damper replacement

CT, United States   

I need to replace my damper, as it’s rusted and will not fully close.  Where can I find a replacement, and is this something that a home owner can do himself?  What about purchasing and installing a chimney cap? 

If needs to be done professionally, what is typical price and longevity of the product?


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by duxbury chimney sweep | July 31, 2012
Duxbury, Massachusetts

This project is something I do not recommend for a homeowner. There are a couple of products on the market that can be installed by a chimney professional, called “top-sealing dampers”. These dampers are installed at the top of the fireplace flue. A cable runs down the flue and is attached in the firebox on a bracket. But like I said before, this is not a project for a homeowner. If you cannot locate a chimney professional through the search on this site, you can try www.csia.org.

by ChimneyChick | July 31, 2012 ChimneyChick's avatar
Midland, Ontario

I agree 100% with Suxbury Sweeps. Replacing the original damper plate and mechanism can be a costly reparation and a Top Sealing Damper Cap serves two purposes.
1/ it acts as a damper and 2/ it acts as a rain cap.
Once installed by a chimney professional, it is a viable and easy reparation to your damper problems.
Cost effective / quick professional install / User friendly
Contact your local Chimney Professional and ask if they install Top Sealing Damper Caps

by ablestophat | July 31, 2012
Copperas Cove, Texas

I agree with the others about your need for a top sealing damper. It is so much easier to deal with rather than trying to hassle with removing and replacing a throat damper.
Installing a top sealing damper is an easy chore that can be handled by most handy homeowners. It involves getting on the roof cleaning the flue tile off and applying a bead of silicone and then dropping the cable down the chimney. Go down to the bottom and pull the cable tight until you hear the damper open and shut. Locate where you want the bracket to go on the left or right side of the firebox and drill the holes…one in the mortar the other in the brick itself-with a masonry bit. And a few more adjustments and you are done. All the directions come with the damper. Should work perfectly.

by Jack Pixley Chimney-Sweeps & Masonry | July 31, 2012
Andover , Minnesota

I would recommend a top mounted damper. They are more energy efficient and seal tight to the top. Typically they run around $300 if you are getting the Chimilator Deluxe. I would recommend that over attempting to find a replacement damper. Money well invested and you will see it back in savings off your energy bill.

by Marblehead Chimney | July 31, 2012
Marblehead, Massachusetts

I would have to agree with the others. A top-sealing damper will solve your damper and cap needs in one fell swoop. They’re much easier to use than a traditional throat damper, and more energy effecient as well.

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