Damper is frozen in open position

ohio, United States   

Can’t close damper.  What should we use to close chimney so we can use ventless gas logs:


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by Rhino | April 24, 2015
Mount Vernon, Ohio

Have the damper repaired, if possible.  If not, you might want to consider a ventless insert instead of a ventless log set.  More money, but much less heat loss, especially with a problematic damper.

by ChimneyChick | April 29, 2015 ChimneyChick's avatar
Midland, Ontario

Even with ventless log sets you should have the damper partially open to ensure that the Emissions from the Gas Log Set exit the home.
If you have the damper completely closed the emissions will vent into the home.
Ensure you have a CO detector mounted in the room with the log set.
I believe the damper has to be left open 1/4 ” for vented sets.

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