cost of Prefabricated chimney units

Ontario, Canada   

What is the cost of having a approx. 25’ new Prefabricated chimney unit installed in a existing wood burning stove.


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by ChimneyChick | October 29, 2015 ChimneyChick's avatar
Midland, Ontario

Your pricing will depend on a few factors…
A. what size is the internal diameter required
B/ what brand of chimney is being utilized
C/ straight up thru the ceiling or out and up the house wall
Typically 25’ of SS Chimney out the wall and up the house will run you between 2000 and 2500 before taxes and installation.
You will need wall pass thru, tee, supports, lengths, rain cap ? flashing? and you then have to watch which chimney you use as not all can go around a soffit so you may have to go thru the soffit.
An Interior straight up chimney is less expensive and better for the draft.

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