Clothes Dryer Flue

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We bought a 1 story house (5 years old) which has the dryer flue going straight up to the roof (like a chimney).  It doesn’t seem like a dryer could blow the lint straight up very well.

Should I put an elbow in the flue in the attic and send it out through the fascia of the house?


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by ChimneyChick | June 15, 2017 ChimneyChick's avatar
Midland, Ontario

Clothes dryer vents have traditionally been a short as possible run and fairly horizontal.
I have seen vertical venting due to location in the home.
As long as the vent has a rain protection cap on it and is able to exhaust the heat, I see no need to move the vent or add an elbow.
The vent is NOT TO MOVE LINT, it is to exhaust the heat from the dryer. The lint should be caught int he trap in the machine itself/
Just please remember to clear the vent pipe / trap and inner piping occasionally to prevent a Dryer Vent Fire, just as you would a chimney for a heating appliance. Lint will escape the trap and get into the pipe.

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