Chimney Height

Ontario, Canada   

For Ontario Canada, what is the minimum chimney height for
1) wood-burning fireplace
2) non-wood-burning (i.e. gas) fireplace



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by ChimneyChick | November 28, 2017 ChimneyChick's avatar
Midland, Ontario

The common rule is the 3/2/10 rule for all chimneys.

The chimney must protrude a minimum of 36” above the surface of the roof [on the high side of the chimney]
At 36” , measure to see if the chimney touches any structure within 10 lineal feet.
If the chimney is within 10’ then it must be 24” above that measure until the 10’ length is surpassed.

With other fuels [propane/natural gas] I personally like to adhere to the above but the actual fireplace/stove manufacturer will tell you in their instructions how high their vent must protrude.
Technically it is a chimney but they call it a vent.
You may email me direct if you would like a pictorial of this rule but you should be able to pull one off the internet

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