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Kansas, United States   

About 5 years ago we had a fire in our flue.

At that time, we had the fireplace inspected and cleaned. We have been using it seasonally since.

When we had it cleaned and inspected this year, the technician made the following recommendation:

- “Metal flue pipe is designed to withstand ONE flue fire then the manufacturer recommends replacing.

- The unit is pulling away from the brick face. This indicates the unit is settling.

- Both these combined and the fact that the fireplace manufacturer is out of business and flue pipe for this unit is very hard to attain, we recommend replacing entire fireplace with a new unit and flue.”

He does not document any damage to the metal flue. He did say to us that there was some discoloration.

In addition, if the unit is pulling away from the brick face it is minimal. We do not notice any visible settling.

Is replacement of the entire unit and flue our only option?

The quote was nearly 10K.

What, in your opinion, is the risk of fire if we do nothing and continue to use the fireplace?

Can we install gas logs and continue to use as is?



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by ChimneyChick | September 08, 2017 ChimneyChick's avatar
Midland, Ontario

in order to determine IF the fireplace and chimney require replacement I would have to see some photos.
If your Certified Technican reported settling and movement of the fireplace and discolouration of the metal chimney then your only recourse is to call them and ask for a full explanation and photos of what they are talking about.
Barring that, get a second opinion. will find you a Kentucky sweep

Without knowing exactly WHAT kind of fireplace and chimney you have I cannot even venture a guess at pricing but the 10k mark is about right in my area.
As for a full explanation of the situation and costings.

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