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draft problem

CA, United States
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We replaced part of a stove pipe this summer to triple to help with the smoking in the house. we cleaned the chimney and inside pipe but its still smoking on only one part of the pipe and it at the top going out the box. Anything that may help us out??

Neighbor’s Smoke Making a Visit

Colorado, United States
1 responses

My neighbor installed an after market wood stove in the basement of their home.  The external chimney is located on the side of the house between our homes.  Our home sits at a slightly lower elevation and there is less than 100 feet between our homes.  When they burn the stove, the smoke is entering into our dryer vent, ventilation pipes and collecting in the bathrooms and stairwell.  Do you have any tips or suggestions that I may be able to pass on to my friend and neighbor?

chimney lining for wood stove

Colorado, United States
4 responses

We have an older home, the “chimney” is just brick, no liner.  To line it, we need use 6in (the chimney is too narrow for anything bigger) the concern will be that it still will not draft correctly, any suggestions? We want it to stay wood burning… should we decrease the size of the box?

fireplace smokes

OK, United States
3 responses

We have installed a 42” wood burning fire box in a metal building house.  We spray foamed the walls and ceilings with 5” of open cell foam.  The house is really tight.  We also installed a fresh air vent on the side of the fire box.  The chimney is a 8” double wall metal chimney stack approximately 15’ tall and is at least 2’ above the roof 10’ horizontally.  When we open the door it helps some but still continues to blow smoke into the house.  We are frustrated with the situation, any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks

Smelly water from chimney

Maryland, United States
1 responses

We have a Vermont Casting Defiant Encore wood stove with catalyst. I’m burning oak that was cut split, stacked and covered with a tarp more than a year ago. I have had only 2 fires this year and have not used the catalytic combustor, I thought it might be creating the problem. I’d gotten the burn well into the normal heat range. Last night I slowed the fire to last the night. This morning I have acrid smelling water running from the chimney down the brick work behind the wood stove. We have not had rain for many days and we have a cap on the chimney. This water must be from the combustion. What is the proper way to burn the stove overnight?

50 year old brick furnace chimney and liner

New York, United States
5 responses

I just had a chimney sweeper work from the bottom only of our furnace chimney for a yearly cleaning, and he says I need a stainless steel liner insert for 1300.00 dollars.  I know i have the old clay tiling inside. He did not go on the roof and did not use any camera.  He just used a whip-type instrument to clean out the chimney from the basement.  Also he said that there was a violation as 20 years ago we had the gasline venting out with the furnace chimney. He said chimney cleaners dont go on roofs no more?  Is this true?  Any advice as to where I can find a reliable, Honest and decent Company in the 11010 Area usa to handle this job.  i want to fix the violations and make this heating furnace chimney safe for my family living in the house.  Worried homeowner-  Thanks Gisella

Ash door? replacement

Maryland, United States
1 responses

I have a 20 year old fireplace, brick built, that appears to be in very good condition, with the exception of the small trap door that leads to the ashbin.  It is about 5 x 9 and has warped.  I would like to replace it and redo the refractory mortar .  I have tried looking online and can’t seem to find the product.  Any help would be appreciated.

Extending Chimney

British Columbia, Canada
1 responses

We used to have a flat roof. We have rebuilt the roof to a pitched type and now need to extend the chimney by 42 inches. The chimney is made of concrete blocks, has a clay tile liner, is 72 inch wide, is located on an exterior wall, and extends about 30 inches above the roof. It would look very intrusive to extend the chimney using concrete blocks. Is it allowed to extend the chimney (essentially just the flue liners) using a metal pipe/channel extension? If so, can a pipe be inserted in the existing flue liner, and what type of metal should be used.
Thank you,

Wind sounds in stovepipe

Maryland, United States
1 responses

We recently had a new stovepipe installed for our Defiant wood stove.  It converts an 8in stove to 6in for chimney and has one 90 degree elbow.  It doesn’t seem extremely tight fitting, but no smoke comes out inside.  (I do take it apart for cleaning.)  I do hear a strong wind sound in the stovepipe, especially on windy days but even other days, even with the stove damper (catalyst) and air flow shut down and a small fire.  Is this normal/safe?  Otherwise, it seems to function fun, it is just that the sound is scary.

Backdraught in 10m high chimney

Drenthe, Netherlands
2 responses

My stainless steel insulated chimney goes straight up from the woodburner to above the level of the roof line (10m). The woodburner stands in fairly large room of about 500m3. There are no trees on the windward side of the house, a few on the other side but they are bare (it’s winter). I have a fixed anti-downdraught cowl (I think; its just a lid and some anit-spark meshing). The chimney looks clean enough (I can see a perfectly round circle of light when I look up it) and the mesh isn’t clogged. Everyone I ask (including the experts) says it should have perfect draught. Thing is, it hasn’t. On windy autumn days there will be so much backdraught that I can’t get the thing going without filling the house full of smoke. Any ideas? Anything I’ve missed? Thanks.

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