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stove not burning when door closed

Connecticut, United States
2 responses

I have a 20 old Russo stove, which has always functioned properly until last week. Now it will not burn with the door closed, and smoke leaks out of the stove pipe.  I have cleaned the chimney, stove pipe and fire box, but still have the problem.  Any suggestions on what I should do next?

Flue Liner Specs

PA, United States
2 responses

What are the specs regarding space around the flue. Is it o.k. to have mortar touching the flue liner?

Leaky Stove Pipe Joints

VA, United States
1 responses

I have recently noticed that I have two small leaks in my stove pipe that runs from the back of my wood stove to the chimney pipe. All the stove pipe components are brand new, and worked fine for the first several times that I ran the stove. I went to my local hardware store, and bought some Rutland Furnance Cement to seal up the joints. I followed the directions, and it appeared to be working just fine. When I woke up this morning I noticed that the compound has turned to liquid and is dripping all over my pipes. Any suggestions on what I should do now to fix the problem??

Cracks/holes inside chimney

VA, United States
1 responses

Our house was built in 1962. We have two fireplaces one on each of two levels that share a chimney. We tried to have some fires when we first moved in 10 years ago and they were very smokey. We had the chimney cleaned and the man told me that there were holes and cracks in the inside of the chimney and that having fires in the fireplaces would present a fire hazard. We have not used the fireplaces since then. I would like to find out what our options are for repair so that we could have useable fireplaces again. Thanks.

smoke draft problems

British Columbia, Canada
1 responses

We have an Osburn airtight woodstove installed in our house. It’s a great stove and we have had it for about 3 years, but after cleaning yesterday we have been experiencing bad backdraft smoke problems. Seems like there has been smoke coming into the house everytime the door is open and we even saw some creeping in from the top of the stove pipe which leads ouside. We have never experienced this before . We have been burning for about month and half this year and dont know if we need to clean the pipes already. Seems a bit soon . Totally confused as it was running perfectly before we cleaned the stove.  Thanks

What is this?

North Carolina, United States
1 responses

Our house was built in 1968 but the chimney was added at some point. This flue has what I can only describe as a “mortar collar” around it; it’s mortar inside of very thick “aluminum foil.” Someone scratched the words “gas only, not for wood” on the flue seal. I’d like to know whether it’s okay to have the furring strip that close and whether I can seal that gaping hole in the cinder block with plain ol’ foam or if it needs high-temp caulk.
Thanks a lot.

Fireplace Smoke

MD, United States
3 responses

After I start a fire and been burning awhile the flue is good and hot. When open the door for heat or to put wood in it start to smoke from top of the door. Any help on this matter on what to do will be greatful.


specifications for gas fire chimneys

cheshire, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
1 responses

after consultation with a qualified chimney sweep/wood burner installer he stated that our chimney stack was not tall enough for a wood burner because of the clearance between the chimney and the roof. Does that clearance apply for a gas fire

fireplace damper

Mi, United States
3 responses

should damper in an open fireplace be wide open when fire is burning?

woodstove installation

TN, United States
1 responses

i got a new wood stove the pipe seems a tad long but how do you get it from stove to ceiling an keep it long enough to make the connections?

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