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Clothes Dryer Flue

SC, United States
2 responses

We bought a 1 story house (5 years old) which has the dryer flue going straight up to the roof (like a chimney).  It doesn’t seem like a dryer could blow the lint straight up very well.

Should I put an elbow in the flue in the attic and send it out through the fascia of the house?

Installing an insert

Ohio, United States
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I have an electric insert that we just had sitting in the firebox, but due to some water issues in the room it was figured out that the existing chimney wasn’t anchored to the house and was leaning away.

It was removed but the damper is still in tact so there is about 8-10 courses of brick with a sandstone slab on top. 

They filled the space above the damper with clay. I’m trying go frame the insert in but have a lot of moisture or condensation.

How do I go about sealing the inside of the firebox??  I used furnace cement and coated all the surfaces but still have moisture coming thru the cement from the bottom up about 4” in a few spots. 

Should I be using something different or what other options do I have?

I’m going to fill the open space with Roxul but I would like to know that there isn’t any moisture before I move forward. 

Thanks in advance for any ideas

Ceramic Liner Collapsed

Connecticut, United States
4 responses

As stated above my Liner collapsed on my 104 yr old Field stone chimney.

The Flue was ceramic clay, it blocked part of chimney which responded in calling Fire Dept.

The Opening to my chimney Interior is 36 in wide and 32 high 22 deep.

The Sweeper only removed a chunk of ceramic then inserted 6 inch galvanized Tubing and the end piece coming into house did not reach wall depth. He asked me to go to Home Depot and get 6 in tube elbow and also a straight connector.

I feel it’s not right ?

double or triple wall chimney

Florida, United States
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My home had a woodstove and we installed a chimney which I had understood was triple walled stainless. 

I do not have any paperwork on it but a brochure which describes double walled. 

The chimney has since been removed and I don’t know how to advertise the pieces as double or triple. 

How can I tell by looking at them?

Color of ashes

New Hampshire, United States
1 responses

I’m sure this question is going to sound ridiculous but my dad passed away and I am trying to help my mom because the wood stove makes her nervous (my dad did all ththat stuff).

We noticed the wood is burning into really white ashes compared to the darker grey it was before. 

Is it maybe just the different kinds of wood being burnt?

wood furnace automatic damper adjustment

British Columbia, Canada
1 responses

Seven inch metal stove pipe attached to brick chimney.

In the vertical part of the pipe is the damper assembly. It is a T shape short pipe section, with the open leg facing out. At the open T end is the damper flap, mounted on two swivel hinges.

The flap is free to swing on these little hinge things. In the center of the damper is the adjustment mechanism - a threaded shaft with a nut like weight threaded onto the shaft.

Screw the weight in, the flapper stays more easily closed. Screw it out-the weight tends to open the flapper.

Lots of draft to the fire, the damper tends to close. Little draft to the fire, the flapper tends to open.


How does one adjust this damper with the weight to get the most efficient burn??? I installed this twenty years ago. It worked fine. Now some kids fiddled with it, so I have no idea where it was set.

2 fireplaces, 1 flue - smoke leak

MD, United States
2 responses

I have 2 fireplaces, 1 on 1st floor and 1 directly below it in the basement.

Both are on the same flue/chimney. When I have a fire upstairs there is significant smoke seepage into the basement. The only solutions that worked were a chimney balloon, with limited success and need to re-inflate constantly, and current mode of sealing it up with insulation panels/caulking.

That’s a short-term fix. Would love to use this fireplace but the balloon is a mess to insert/remove constantly. Would new doors with gaskets work? Currently has the standard glass bi-folds (pro baby builder grade).

Looking to stop the seepage but keep the fireplace functional. Willing to do some adjustments on use each time but chimney balloon is not idea.


Note: This isn’t an issue with priming, I’m well aware of doing that properly.

Fireplace 1 causes smoke in fireplace 2

CT, United States
1 responses

I have an old colonial that was renovated (spray foam, very tight).  I had a moron mason rebuild the center chimney.  I have a large kitchen fireplace that has two flues and a brick oven (separate flue). 

Behind it in the parlor is another fireplace (separate flue). 

Upstairs I have two bedrooms each with a small fireplace (each has its own flue). 

When I light the kitchen fireplace I can smell smoke in one of the bedrooms. 

The chimney has new dampers on the top of the chimney.  Smoke can be seen in the flue. 

If I open the bedroom flue smoke pours in. 

I called a chimney sweep and he indicated the top dampers look sealed and suggested installing a liner in the big fireplace because the clay pipe might be cracked and its leaking into the chimney. 

Does this sound correct? 

I already paid a ton of money on the chimney. there is an air vent in each chimney put it does not appear to be pulling air in.

Smoke entering the room.

Picardie, France
1 responses


I have a large open wood burning fireplace in our living room. It is adjacent to an outside wall.

The fire burns really well and very hot. However the moment I close the door to the room smoke enters the room. I can literally control the smoke by opening and closing the door.

It’s a large fire so i imagine it needs a huge amount of oxygen. however I’m just surprised the smoke entry into the room is so instantaneous when I close the door.

Do you have any idea why this is happening?

I am thinking the room is quite air tight.

Larger pipe to smaller

Idaho, United States
0 responses

I have an older Earthstove wood burner than has a 9 inch pipe leaving the stove and exits through the ceiling and roof. I would like to replace it with more modern woodburner. They all seem to have much smaller diameter stove-pipes these days (5-6 inches). What am I looking at to run a smaller pipe the same route as the older 9 inch?

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