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Smoke entering the room.

Picardie, France
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I have a large open wood burning fireplace in our living room. It is adjacent to an outside wall.

The fire burns really well and very hot. However the moment I close the door to the room smoke enters the room. I can literally control the smoke by opening and closing the door.

It’s a large fire so i imagine it needs a huge amount of oxygen. however I’m just surprised the smoke entry into the room is so instantaneous when I close the door.

Do you have any idea why this is happening?

I am thinking the room is quite air tight.

Larger pipe to smaller

Idaho, United States
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I have an older Earthstove wood burner than has a 9 inch pipe leaving the stove and exits through the ceiling and roof. I would like to replace it with more modern woodburner. They all seem to have much smaller diameter stove-pipes these days (5-6 inches). What am I looking at to run a smaller pipe the same route as the older 9 inch?

Smoke throughout house…

Massachusetts, United States
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We have a 1711 home with one central chimney and 4 flus within. We recently had a cap put on top of the chimney and two exterior dampers installed to two of the four flus. We now get smoke throughout the first floor when we burn a fire in the living room. Is there anyway to avoid this. The house now smells smokey all the time!
We also had all new, energy efficient windows installed.
Is all of the above contributing to the problem?

Optimal Chimney Temperature?

Alabama, United States
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I have a smaller, non-cat, cast iron wood burner with approx. 6’ of single wall black pipe and 9’ of insulated double-wall chimney above.

I’m trying to minimize creosote build-up.

Is there a recommended operating temperature I should maintain or not go below.

I have an infra-red thermometer, so I can take readings anywhere on the stove and along the black pipe pretty easily.

wooden beams and wiring next to brick chimney

Massachusetts, United States
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I have a brick chimney with clay liner.

About 35 years ago the chimney was used as a chase to run wires to the upper floors. The chimney now needs to be relined.

Will a cast in place liner or a double walled metal liner give me the insulation needed for the wiring and the beams that are in contact with the brick?

fireplace smokes

bc, Mexico
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smoke backdraft,

neighbor’s house top of exhaust has a 90 degree bend ,not a straight top.

can this cause smoke backdraft?

Price estimate on poured in liner.

Georgia, United States
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I have an old (1870’s) farmhouse, with 2 chimneys.

There are two flues in each chimney. There is one that is not a poured in liner, like the others are.

Unfortunately, this is the one I want to use for a fireplace insert.

I need to get an idea of the cost involved in this sort of thing.

It looks like a good way to go, if I can swing it. Thank you!

Ventless fireplace not venting

IL, United States
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I own a 1918 foursquare house with a typical narrow, square chimney that is in decent condition. No doubt, the fireplace was originally a wood burning one, but later when they installed a boiler, they ran the vent through the chimney and replaced the wood fireplace with a ventless gas fireplace unit.

We are unable to use the gas fireplace because of the exhaust fumes that come into our living room, so I’m exploring two ideas and need some guidance:
1) Could I replace the ventless fireplace with a wood burning stove and join the fireplace vent with the boiler vent (with a “Y”)?
2) If #1 is not possible, would a new ventless system work given the current chimney configuration?

Thanks for any guidance you might offer.

Secondary Burn Tube

California, United States
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Thanx for your article about the anatomy of the woodstove.

I have a question about the secondary burn tube. Mine kept popping off and I finally fixed it but was wondering if the direction of the holes matters?

I had them point forward, towards the opening and it seemed to blow a lot of smoke out when I opened the door to add wood. I flipped it this morning to point towards the back but have yet to light a fire to see the difference. Is there a nominal position for those holes?



metal chimney flu is noisy in windy conditions and large drft

Illinois, United States
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looking for a local contractor to inspect and improve

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