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Chimney Repairs and new crown needed.

DE, United States
1 responses

I need to get quotes on fixing my stone veneer chimney and building a new crown for it.

There were veneer stones that had fallen off but that have now been replaced, and now I need the rest of the job completed.

bricks on top opf chimney flue

South Carolina, United States
1 responses

Ssome of our bricks fell onto the closed chimney flue to our woodburning fireplace during the recent rains we suffered in South Carolina.

How do we remove them? Is there a way to remove the whole flue to get to the bricks?

Replacement of ss insulated chimney pipe

Ontario, Canada
1 responses

Who would I contact to have this work done?

Zero clearance wood burning fireplace total removal of rusted pipe and new pipe installed plus cap

Water comes out the fireplace when it rains

Florida, United States
2 responses

A roofer told me that the cap is very rusted.

Who do you know in St Petersburg, Fl who is a chimney expert?

thanks in advance for your help

Lola H Walker, Realtor


chimney liner installer

ontario, Canada
1 responses

Hello I’m looking for a certified chimney liner installer in the Guelph region or surrounding area. 

Can you please give me a name and contact info.

I need to get my hot water tank replaced and I need a liner in my chimney before they can do it.

black smoke

nova scotia, Canada
2 responses

we have an oil furnace and just replaced the nozzle , now black smoke coming from chimney

L-Vent chimney for an oil furnace

Ontario, Canada
1 responses

Directly under the rain cap .... part of the outer wall of the L-Vent chimney has rusted out, needs to be replace (Security Chimney International LTD… 6” L-Vent ) .... the local Heating & Plumbing company is saying that they can not buy the replacement part because ... it is illegal in Ontario .... and I need to replace the entire chimney .... is this correct ? (chimney 10 years old ... looks good except for the rusted out section on the roof) ... appreciate your info .... Thanks .... Fred from Muskoka

condemsation in flue

New Brunswick, Canada
1 responses

My furnace creates water which lands in the clean out.

The flue has a brick liner which is 10 by 10 I put a 8 inch s s liner in side the liner.

The flue did not always have condensation in it. The flue is 35 years old

cost of Prefabricated chimney units

Ontario, Canada
1 responses

What is the cost of having a approx. 25’ new Prefabricated chimney unit installed in a existing wood burning stove.

Fireplace over 25 years and never cleaned

Texas, United States
2 responses

What is the normal cost to have the work done?

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