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New wood burning insert and chimney repairs

KY, United States
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I just read this in an article about wood-burning inserts:

“A Level II internal camera inspection will be required prior to wood-burning insert installation by code. If repairs to the chimney are needed this will need to be completed prior to the installation of the insert.”

If I get a new liner with the new insert, what kind of problems with the chimney would require repairs? Would the smoke chamber require parging before a new insert/liner could be installed, for example?



Chimney Height

Ontario, Canada
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For Ontario Canada, what is the minimum chimney height for
1) wood-burning fireplace
2) non-wood-burning (i.e. gas) fireplace


Chimney Fire

Kansas, United States
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About 5 years ago we had a fire in our flue.

At that time, we had the fireplace inspected and cleaned. We have been using it seasonally since.

When we had it cleaned and inspected this year, the technician made the following recommendation:

- “Metal flue pipe is designed to withstand ONE flue fire then the manufacturer recommends replacing.

- The unit is pulling away from the brick face. This indicates the unit is settling.

- Both these combined and the fact that the fireplace manufacturer is out of business and flue pipe for this unit is very hard to attain, we recommend replacing entire fireplace with a new unit and flue.”

He does not document any damage to the metal flue. He did say to us that there was some discoloration.

In addition, if the unit is pulling away from the brick face it is minimal. We do not notice any visible settling.

Is replacement of the entire unit and flue our only option?

The quote was nearly 10K.

What, in your opinion, is the risk of fire if we do nothing and continue to use the fireplace?

Can we install gas logs and continue to use as is?


How tall

Mich., United States
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How do you determine how tall a chimney should be?

It will be made out of stove pipe.

40 year old single flu brick chimney moves when pushed on from second floor

NH, United States
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I have a 40 year old single flu chimney with a masonry liner that had a lot of wood rot behind it. 

I had to open up the drywall to remove the rotten sheathing behind the chimney and discovered that if I push on it a little from inside the house the chimney will move. 

The house is a cape with the chimney on one of the gable ends and the rot was on the second floor so I am probably 16 feet up on a 24 foot chimney when pressing on it.  I am trying to decide if I should knock it down or see if it can be saved. 

I also did a repair at the base of the chimney several years ago when I noticed that some of the mortar was missing on both sides such that there was a hole that allowed me to see through the chimney from one side to the other. 

I don’t see any mechanism that attaches the chimney to the house which seems wrong to me. 

I would appreciate any advice.

Chimney bees

Tx, United States
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We’ve had a continual problem for many years with bees returning in our chimney. Need a cover that will keep them out but still allow for winter fires in our home fireplace. Thank you!

Clothes Dryer Flue

SC, United States
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We bought a 1 story house (5 years old) which has the dryer flue going straight up to the roof (like a chimney).  It doesn’t seem like a dryer could blow the lint straight up very well.

Should I put an elbow in the flue in the attic and send it out through the fascia of the house?

Installing an insert

Ohio, United States
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I have an electric insert that we just had sitting in the firebox, but due to some water issues in the room it was figured out that the existing chimney wasn’t anchored to the house and was leaning away.

It was removed but the damper is still in tact so there is about 8-10 courses of brick with a sandstone slab on top. 

They filled the space above the damper with clay. I’m trying go frame the insert in but have a lot of moisture or condensation.

How do I go about sealing the inside of the firebox??  I used furnace cement and coated all the surfaces but still have moisture coming thru the cement from the bottom up about 4” in a few spots. 

Should I be using something different or what other options do I have?

I’m going to fill the open space with Roxul but I would like to know that there isn’t any moisture before I move forward. 

Thanks in advance for any ideas

Ceramic Liner Collapsed

Connecticut, United States
4 responses

As stated above my Liner collapsed on my 104 yr old Field stone chimney.

The Flue was ceramic clay, it blocked part of chimney which responded in calling Fire Dept.

The Opening to my chimney Interior is 36 in wide and 32 high 22 deep.

The Sweeper only removed a chunk of ceramic then inserted 6 inch galvanized Tubing and the end piece coming into house did not reach wall depth. He asked me to go to Home Depot and get 6 in tube elbow and also a straight connector.

I feel it’s not right ?

double or triple wall chimney

Florida, United States
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My home had a woodstove and we installed a chimney which I had understood was triple walled stainless. 

I do not have any paperwork on it but a brochure which describes double walled. 

The chimney has since been removed and I don’t know how to advertise the pieces as double or triple. 

How can I tell by looking at them?

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