40 year old single flu brick chimney moves when pushed on from second floor

NH, United States   

I have a 40 year old single flu chimney with a masonry liner that had a lot of wood rot behind it. 

I had to open up the drywall to remove the rotten sheathing behind the chimney and discovered that if I push on it a little from inside the house the chimney will move. 

The house is a cape with the chimney on one of the gable ends and the rot was on the second floor so I am probably 16 feet up on a 24 foot chimney when pressing on it.  I am trying to decide if I should knock it down or see if it can be saved. 

I also did a repair at the base of the chimney several years ago when I noticed that some of the mortar was missing on both sides such that there was a hole that allowed me to see through the chimney from one side to the other. 

I don’t see any mechanism that attaches the chimney to the house which seems wrong to me. 

I would appreciate any advice.


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by ChimneyChick | September 08, 2017 ChimneyChick's avatar
Midland, Ontario

Call you r local Certified Chimney Professional immediately and have them make recommendations on tying the chimney to the house safely.

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