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Draft Problems with Woodstove

Ohio, United States
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I just installed a new woodpro 2.0 wood stove and chimney. I am having issues with a bad backdraft.

My stove is installed in my basement, the chimney goes outside my house and clears my gutter by 3 feet. I also added a 4” vent pipe to the fresh air stove intake and it runs to a screened exhaust outside of my house.

When the stove is not in use, I feel cold air being pulled down from the chimney into the firebox. To start a fire, I have to open my basement door until the fire gets hot enough to start the updraft, and the fire burns perfect.

My biggest problem is when the fire starts to die out. Once the temp drops as it cools, I get a bad backdraft and all the smoke fills my basement until I open the door to get the chimney to updraft again.

Do you have any recommendations on how to fix this issue? Would a different chimney cap help? Raise the chimney height? Any type of anti backdraft damper?

Fireplace Chimney

aa, United States
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I am in the process of finding someone to rebuild my masonry fireplace chimney, which is approx. 22’ high and the width is 4.5’ at the base & 3’ wide at the top.

1) I see there are different types of chimney linings (Clay, Stainless Steel, Aluminum). I was wondering if you could please possibly give me a suggestion of what the pros and cons are with the different types. 

2) I am curious about pre made chimneys, where you can purchase sections and assemble on-site. I was curious to know if that is an option for me since I have a feeling my chimney will probably have to be totally rebuilt. Any info would be appreciated..

Thank You So Much!  Dan

Brick chimney

Massachusetts, United States
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Looking for an approximate cost.
Brick chimney.
Approx. 79” x 23”
Top of brick is approx. 4 “ below top of flue.
There is concrete from top of brick to flush top of flue angled in.
Looking for SS or other alternative based on your experience.
Foxboro , Ma



Soot Clean Up

VA, United States
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My landlords are going through a major home renovation.

Workers removed an old chimney that hasn’t been in use for decades.

I rent the upstairs of the house and there is soot everywhere!

Can you please give me suggestions for cleaning up this nasty mess?

Thanks in advance.

Business for Sale

PA, United States
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Chimney Business for sale: Northeast Pennsylvania, 20+ years profitable business.

Last year 96k in sales and 60k+ in cashflow.

The business is growing, and these numbers are typical of the last four years.

I run as a one-man operation and perform no masonry, class-A or stove installations.

Great opportunity for the right buyer to triple the sales dollars on the 1400+ appointments since 1/2014 (380 last year).

1400+ data base and 40k in assets including 2016 Savana with 29k miles and Escalara stair climber.

where to purchase crack magik

ON, Canada
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We live in Chatham, Ontario which is Southwest Ontario. 

We can’t find your product anywhere. 

Can you tell me who carries it?

We originally heard about it from The Fireplace Group in Chatham, but he doesn’t return our phone calls. 

Thank you for your help.

Fireplace firebox

QLD, Australia
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I’m wondering if you can help me,

I live in Australia.

The fireplace that i want to build is to have a traditional brick fire box , but then above the smoke shelf I want to transition to a metal flue which would offset about 600 mm from vertical and discharge into the atmosphere about 5 metres above the fireplace floor.

I proposes constructing the transition from mild steel and paint it with heatproof paint .

Have you seen this method before?

Your help would be much appreciated.

chimney liner

New York, United States
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What is the best chimney liner for for a 65 year old house with a gas furnace? 

No fireplace. 

Aluminum or stainless steel. 

If stainless steel, rigid or flexible?

Rotary Control Damper Missing Part

Nebraska, United States
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I need help identifying this rotary damper control.

The worm drive is missing. It is not a Vestal.

The damper plate does not have a flange to attach the worm drive yoke.

The worm yoke/collar pushes/pulls directly on the shaft slot in the damper plate.

This fireplace dates to 1958.

Damper still smoking when pushed in

ga, United States
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We have a buck stove.

Damper moves back and forth but now when it is in the position for adding wood, The smoke still pours out into the house.

Need help troubleshooting this issue.

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