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where to purchase crack magik

ON, Canada
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We live in Chatham, Ontario which is Southwest Ontario. 

We can’t find your product anywhere. 

Can you tell me who carries it?

We originally heard about it from The Fireplace Group in Chatham, but he doesn’t return our phone calls. 

Thank you for your help.

Fireplace firebox

QLD, Australia
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I’m wondering if you can help me,

I live in Australia.

The fireplace that i want to build is to have a traditional brick fire box , but then above the smoke shelf I want to transition to a metal flue which would offset about 600 mm from vertical and discharge into the atmosphere about 5 metres above the fireplace floor.

I proposes constructing the transition from mild steel and paint it with heatproof paint .

Have you seen this method before?

Your help would be much appreciated.

chimney liner

New York, United States
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What is the best chimney liner for for a 65 year old house with a gas furnace? 

No fireplace. 

Aluminum or stainless steel. 

If stainless steel, rigid or flexible?

Rotary Control Damper Missing Part

Nebraska, United States
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I need help identifying this rotary damper control.

The worm drive is missing. It is not a Vestal.

The damper plate does not have a flange to attach the worm drive yoke.

The worm yoke/collar pushes/pulls directly on the shaft slot in the damper plate.

This fireplace dates to 1958.

Damper still smoking when pushed in

ga, United States
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We have a buck stove.

Damper moves back and forth but now when it is in the position for adding wood, The smoke still pours out into the house.

Need help troubleshooting this issue.


Michigan, United States
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Virginia, United States
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We are designing interior improvements for a client. 

The client has a wood burning fireplace in their kitchen with a set of gas logs.

They would like to add a fireplace on the second floor directly above the first floor fireplace. 

The new fireplace would have gas logs as well. 

The chimney has a 12x12 flue which would need to be modified to accommodate flues for both fireplaces. 

What is the best way to accommodate two flues inside the existing flue? 

The client lives in Tazewell County, Virginia in the southwest corner of the state. 

Are their any contractors or vendors out there that would like to help us take on this challenge?

Wood Stove Back Pressure

Ontario, Canada
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We went the first 29 days on November with no difficulty starting a fire in our Jotul 500 F wood stove. 

On the 30th, the lower level of our house was filled with smoke because of negative pressure. 

Is there a device available (less than the $450.00 I was quoted) to correct this problem?

soot in stove pipe

va, United States
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Our woodstove, when starting a fire, at all times smokes so bad that we have to open the door for the fire to start and then we have a lot of soot in the stove pipe.

New wood burning insert and chimney repairs

KY, United States
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I just read this in an article about wood-burning inserts:

“A Level II internal camera inspection will be required prior to wood-burning insert installation by code. If repairs to the chimney are needed this will need to be completed prior to the installation of the insert.”

If I get a new liner with the new insert, what kind of problems with the chimney would require repairs? Would the smoke chamber require parging before a new insert/liner could be installed, for example?



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