The Top Damper

The Top Damper seals out rain, snow and sleet while sealing in “paid” heat and air-conditioning. In its closed position it is virtually invisible from the ground. The stainless steel and aluminum design ensures that it won’t rust or stain your chimney. But the most exciting benefit of The Top Damper is that it doesn’t require a chimney fire safety device. In addition, we have taken some weight out of the lid allowing this damper to open higher than the competition.

Installation is easy! Just use the adhesive to attach the damper at the top, then simply drill two holes and use the nail anchors to mount the bracket in the firebox. The mounting hardware consists of adhesive, 30’ stainless steel cable, fireplace bracket, anchors, spring handle, lid-release pull and even an Allen wrench. You may use the Energy Top Adapter Ring, if desired. Just drill attachment holes in the damper frame for mounting. The RS Adapter may be used to adapt The Top Damper to a round liner or solid-pack class-A pipe. Extra hardware packs are also available.

The Top Damper carries a Limited Lifetime Warranty and has a patent pending.

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