Sealtight Damper

"This damper is constructed of rustproof stainless steel and cast-aluminum. Ensuring a long life for your customer. It is precision engineered and balanced. Opening and closing is easy, providing a simple finger-touch control.

The Sealtight Damper provides a two-part high-tech gasket system which is more effective than any similar damper on the market. Under the damper frame, a high-temperature liquid gasket is poured into a channel. Taking things a step further, the Sealtight Damper also has a secondary gasket under the bottom side of the front portion of the lid. The Sealtight Damper includes an installation hardware pack as well as a lifetime warranty.

Sealtight Dampers are also engineered with a greater surface opening compared to similar dampers. In fact, the Sealtight allows up to a 50% increase in open area when compared to a similar style damper. Let’s take a look. The most common chimney flue size for a fireplace is what's termed a 13""x13"" flue tile. Assuming the sizing will use the 1/10"" rule, a fireplace opening of 39"" x 26"" has 1014 square inches of opening (39"" x 26"" = 1014""). If we divide the 1014"" of fireplace opening by 10 to get the recommended 1/10"" for the flue size, we need a minimum of 101.4"" of flue opening for proper venting. A 13” X 13” Sealtight Damper provides an open area of 102.51”. Another industry damper provides only 66” of open area. Since the fireplace needs 101.4"" of area, the damper with 66"" will most likely cause the fireplace to smoke, all because of an insufficient opening in the damper frame. This means a service call back for you."

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