RF-5 Reflective Fireback

Our model RF-5 steel reflective fireback will maximize the heating potential of your fireplace. Tall profile and large surface area will heat up quickly and bounce extra heat back into your home. Firebacks also act as a heat shield to protect your fireplace's back wall against fatigue. Works with "Wall of Fire" fireplace grates. Steel construction eliminates the danger of "shattering" which is common with some cast iron firebacks. Made from 3/8" A-36 hot rolled plate steel with permanantly attached feet. Made in U.S.A. Dimensions: 21" wide, and 15 1/2" high. Fits most fireplaces with a back wall width of 21" or wider. Smaller, larger and thicker firebacks are available at www.gratewalloffire.com to fit any size fireplace.

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