Opel 3 fireplace

Opel 3 fireplace offers a uniquely designed single door.

Behind the elegantly shaped door of the Opel 3 fireplace burns a fire that reflects the traditions of our ancestors. Yet this is no ordinary fire.

This fire yields low emissions, overnight burns, and efficiency on par with most basement furnaces.

The patented technologies used in the Ope 3 fireplace give you the peace of mind that your fireplace burns a renewable energy source in a beautiful and environmentally responsible way.

This fireplace is certified for use with 7" ICC Model EXCEL chimney only.

You can now create your own fireplace settings. Choose the ambiance you want and insert your choice of options with the fireplace configurator.

See how RSF performance can be enhanced with the central heating capabilities and the heat distribution options. Click the link above to visit our website and see for yourself.

Opel 3 fireplace with a uniquely designed single door.

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