Golden Flue Liner

Golden Flue is a high quality refined masonry chimney lining mix used in relining new and old chimneys, as well as historic chimneys. This masonry liner can be used with all types of appliances, such as wood burning, gas, oil, (non-near and condensing modes) coal burning appliances, and high temperature incinerators.

Typical Physical Properties of Golden Flue

Golden Flue is manufactured with natural materials that contain no harmful ingredients which could pose a problem to the environment, surrounding building, or the buildings occupants.

There are two main ingredients which make up the Golden Flue mix.

The first is Perlite/Silicate, a natural occurring siliceous volcanic rock. Perlite is refined to a certain point in quality, performance, and size to accommodate the Golden Flue requirements.

The second ingredient is the bonder; this holds the product together and provides strength, as well as bonding the mix to the inner wall of the chimney during installation. This bonder is white grade ASTM-C150-86 and/or AST-C Type 111 high-early Portland cement.

Also, there is a small amount of air entrainment injected into the mix. This aides the product in handling the expansion and contraction of the flue liner due to high temperature fluctuation of gasses. A plasticizer is also injected to improve the mix work ability and flowability. The flow is important for sealing voids, cracks, and adds structural strength to the chimney.

GOLDEN FLUE mix #2 and #3 have a wet density range when placed, 50.75 pounds per cubic feet. The dry density range after 28 days per cubic feet is 33.35, a compressive strength after 28 days for mix #2 is 653 PSI and mix #3 is 755 PSI.

The insulation factor of either mix is 1.29 R-Factor per inch of mix and a K-Factor of 0.77. The insulation quality of the mix governs the wall thickness of a cast masonry liner.

Our R and K Factors are high for a masonry product and allow us to install less than a one inch coating or wall thickness of GOLDEN FLUE LINER. Water or moisture penetration is very low.

There is less than 0.75% of water or moisture absorption by weight in relationship to product weight. Sulfuric Acids and Chloride Acid will not effect the products longevity, because perlite is not effected by these acids.

What is the Limitation of the Product Application in Relation to the Outside Temperature?

GOLDEN FLUE can be installed in very low temperatures. These temperatures can be in the single digits. However, the installer must take precautions during the installation of the product to prevent freezing. These precautions should take place during pumping of the mix only. Once the mix is installed in the chimney, it will not freeze, because of dehydration. The dehydration of the mix will cause an exothermic chemical reaction which produces an increase in temperature of the mix as it is drying.

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