Golden Flue 90 Pump

The GF-90 is a progress cavity pump. This pump has the ability to push the Golden Flue masonry material through a pump hose from 200 feet away. It can also push the product upwards over 100 feet. This pump can deliver 250 PSI of pressure if necessary. This is a huge benefit if you have to stop in the middle of pumping and then resume. When the masonry product sits it becomes stiff requiring much more pressure from the pump to move it through the pump hose again.

Golden Flue pump


The pumping chamber is 3.5 inches in diameter and the rotor if 30 inches long. This reduces the RPM of the rotor while still producing the performance level needed. This reduction allows the rotor to last much longer than other pumps.

Golden Flue pump chamber

The hopper provides 4 cubic feet of space and in the bottom of it lays the arguer. This moves the product into the pumping chamber. The GF-90 is powered by an 8 HP Vanguard Gas Motor with an electric start. It’s also available with a 220 volt 3 HP electric motor.

Golden Flue pump hopper

The gas pump has a three speed transmission and a reverse gear. You can control the flow rate of what is being pumped and you can also back the product out of the hose if necessary. Your pump hose should be no less than 1.5 inch. Most hoses will work but sizes other than 1.5 inch will wear out much sooner. They are also awkward and difficult to work with, especially when rolling them up. We have a hose specifically made for this application. The type of rubber compound on the inside of this hose makes it hold up five times longer than other hoses and it is much easier to work with.

Golden Flue pump

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