Energy Top Plus

The Energy Top Plus Damper combines two of the industry’s top products into the highest quality damper available. It starts with the Energy Top which has a soft, pliable rubber gasket seal, much like the seal on your refrigerator. This seal, which is attached to the frame, compresses and actually conforms to the lid, forming a strong flexible barrier to the outside elements. No other damper on the market has this type of seal. In fact, other dampers either don’t have a gasket or have a flat rubber gasket. With the Energy Top Plus gasket, retaining heated or cooled "paid" air is now more efficient than ever.

Here are some other benefits of the Energy Top Plus damper. The Hy-C Cap adds premium quality spark protection and animal control in a stainless steel cap. Installation is quick — the damper frame simply seals to the top of the chimney with a high-temperature adhesive, included, forming a power grip between the damper and the chimney. Then install the bracket below. The damper features a precision engineered and balanced design making opening and closing easy with a simple finger-touch control. This damper features a larger base opening than the competition and opens to the same pre-set height each time.

The Energy Top Plus includes complete installation instructions, mounting adhesive, a 30' cable, firebox mounting bracket, handle and hardware. The Energy Top Plus features a lifetime warranty. Give it a try! You will be doing your customer a huge favor by saving them money, putting money back into our economy, and helping to make a difference in our environment!

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