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Grate Wall of Fire
Grate Wall of Fire offers a selection of high efficiency fireplace grates, firebacks, and other fireplace accessories. Our products dramatically increase fireplace efficiency while eliminating troublesome fireplace smoke. A true industry revolution.

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M-7 Fleur-De-Lis Fireplace Grate

Wall of fire model M-7 fleur-de-lis fireplace grate. Eliminates fireplace smoke problems and increases fireplace efficiency while adding a refined touch of class to your hearth.

M-5 Fireplace Grate

Wall of fire model M-5 high-efficiency fireplace grate. Eliminates fireplace smoke while dramatically increasing fireplace heat output and efficiency. A revolution in wood burning.

TR-7 Rumford Fireplace Grate

Wall of fire model TR-7 high-efficiency Rumford fireplace grate. Eliminates fireplace smoke problems in Rumford fireplaces while increasing fireplace efficiency. Count Rumford himself would approve!

Pineapple Firewood rack

Grate Wall of Fire's pineapple firewood rack can hold an entire evening worth of fireplace fuel. Hefty 3/4" steel bar construction compliments our "Wall of Fire" grates.

RF-5 Reflective Fireback

Wall of fire model RF-5 reflective fireback. Maximizes the heating potential of your fireplace while protecting firebox masony from fatigue. A must have for any fireplace.

S-5 See-Thru Fireplace Grate

Model S-5 see-thru fireplace grate. This grate is for use in hopelessly smoky double-sided fireplaces. This "U" shaped grate creates a self-feeding fire directly under the flue, correcting the draft.

Tall Fire Pit

Grate Wall of fire's tall fire pit allows the serious firebug to enjoy evening fires even in the Summer months!

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