Chim-Scan® Series 100 Camera System

The Chim-Scan® Series 100 camera system is the smallest in the Chim-Scan® line.  This  unit is very versatile  and fun to use.

What this unit has:


  • The screen and controller fill the interior
  • Has a 7” LCD screen
  • Powered by a standard 120V to 12V interior power supply
  • Pelican style case – this is a water tight case which is great if you’re out in the rain
  • Cable holder on back of unit
  • Unit weights under 10lbs

Optional accessories:

  • Extra lighting (for large cavernous area),
  • Longer cable (stand length is 50ft)
  • SD recorder for capturing pictures or video (great to documenting what you find whether good or bad)

In order to keep these units light weight they can only use the cameras listed:

  • The Enviro-Flex
  • The Cheesehead auto focus

Like our other units, the Chim-Scan® series 100 can be used to scan dryer vents, pellet vents, and prefab chimneys.                                                                      The Chim-Scan® Series100 camera system controller is located on the right side of the screen, which allows for easy access to the controls and the SD recorder

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