Chim-Scan® Series 450 Camera System

The Chim-Scan® Series 450 camera system was created with a large monitor for better viewing. It's great for showing customers what’s going on in their chimney.

What makes this unit different:

- has a 15" screen with a protective cover

- The control box is in the bottom of the case next to the reeler

- And this unit can support a rotator

This unit can operate any of our Chim-Scan® cameras:

- The Enviro-Flex,

- The Cheesehead auto focus

- Auto Focus Tilt cameras.

The Chim-Scan® Series 450 camera system controller has a variable light control, switch for optional remote tilt, and built in S.D. still image Recorder. All controls are located in the control box located in the bottom of the case, which makes for easy access.

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