Chim-Scan® Series 200 Camera System

The Chim-Scan® Series 200 camera system is a step up for our Series 100 camera system.

What makes this unit different:

  • The screen, control box, reeler, and camera are all housed in the case
  • The screen and control box are located in the top of the case
  • The reeler is located in the bottom of the case to balance it and to give you easy access to the cable.
  • The camera can also be located in the bottom of the case or under the control box. This depends on if you two cameras or just one.


This unit can operate any of our Chim-Scan® cameras:

  • The Enviro-Flex,
  • The Cheesehead auto focus
  • Auto focus Tilt camera.

Like our other units, the Chim-Scan® series 200 can be used to scan dryer vents, pellet vents, and prefab chimneys.                                                                                                                       The Chim-Scan® Series 200 camera system controller has a variable light control, switch for optional remote tilt, and built in S.D. still image Recorder.  The controller is located on the right side of the screen, which allows for easy access to the controls and the SD recorder.

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