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Posted in wooden beams and wiring next to brick chimney on January 14, 2016

This is a comment from the person who submitted the question originally: "Adding to my first post on this topic : I should have stated that the wiring is on the outside surface of the chimney."

Posted in back draft on November 11, 2015 has a lot of information about 'draft'. In the right hand column, just go to 'search' and enter in draft, back draft, and other similar terms to learn more.

Posted in black smoke on October 30, 2015

On this page, in the search box, enter a few words that match your problem such as 'oil furnace' and click the search button. For example:

Posted in Water comes out the fireplace when it rains on October 30, 2015

At (this website), go to Find Your Chimney Pro and search by state and select Florida.

Posted in chimney cleaninig on September 14, 2015

This is a question that people frequently ask at Consider someone who lives in California where there are earthquakes or quake tremors. Bricks falling into the chimney as a result will take longer to remove...and thus the cost of chimney cleaning is greater. Consider the state of Maine where woodstoves are used frequently...even on a daily basis...for household heat. The chimney cleaning requirements are likewise different from my next example. Someone living in Arizona where a fireplace is used only on festive holidays is likely to spend less on chimney cleaning. All of that said, any of the conditions can change and the cost can go up or down. There is no universal, standard price for cleaning a chimney. Call your local chimney sweep and ask for an estimate and you will likely be told that the chimney sweep must perform a chimney check or inspection. This is not a put-off. This is because conditions vary widely among homeowner use of a chimney.

Posted in need pointing and liner on July 20, 2015

Costs and methods of repair vary widely across the USA and abroad. Similar needed repairs may require different solutions depending upon location, weather, local code requirement. Check with a few of your local chimney professionals to learn more. Be candid and explain what you think needs fixing and let them know your budget.

Posted in fireplace smokes on July 17, 2015

To gain an even greater understanding of smoking fireplaces, do a search at using the search box at the upper right on this page. Enter the words "fireplace smokes", "smokes" (and then select the articles relating to fireplace).

Posted in Can I buy a replacement Flue in Owen Sound Ontario on April 24, 2015

Owen Sound: Hmmmm. When you submitted your question, you apparently missed the opportunity to submit a photo - it is just under the place where you enter your question. If someone contacts you directly, you can send a photo to that chimney professional.

Posted in fireplace smoke on February 28, 2015

Take a look at this article about fireplace and woodstove smoking on windy days:

Posted in cleaning on February 28, 2015

Please know that provides a list of chimney sweeps who offer chimney cleaning and other services in various areas. To search for a chimney professional in your area, please go to Note that does not accept calls from homeowners looking for a chimney sweep - we will refer such callers to the url given above. Thank you.

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