Chimney Sweeps & Asbestos Exposure Risks

Oliver Beauchemin

Chimney sweeps may encounter asbestos, arsenic and other carcinogenic substances on the job. This kind of occupational exposure has caused a number of chimney sweeps to develop cancers such as mesothelioma and lung cancer.

Why Do I Need A Chimney Cap?

Chimney Cricket, Inc.

A chimney cap is a preventive maintenance measure to protect against water entry, backdrafts, and pest entry into the chimney.

Should I Join A State, Regional and National Guild


Since the early days of our chimney sweeping trade, sweeping guilds have
been one of the best and most reliable sources for what’ going on in our

Fireplace cleanup and wood stove cleanup after use

Todd Woofenden

After using your fireplace or wood stove, you need to clean up to be ready for the next time. Here’s how to clean your fireplace or wood stove.

Build fireplace fire or wood stove fire

Todd Woofenden

Do you want to build a great fire in your fireplace? A great fire in your wood stove? You need certain tools to build a good fire in a fireplace or wood stove. Read about some of the tools that will help you build a great wood stove fire.

Build fireplace fire or wood stove fire using these tools

Todd Woofenden

Building a fireplace fire or wood stove fire takes more than just wood. There are a few tools that will help you build your great fireplace fire or your proud-to-show-off wood stove fire.

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