Strictly Chimneys LLC installs New Chimney Liners at Bristol CT School

Strictly Chimneys LLC installed two 24" diameter and one 16" diameter stainless steel chimney liners 47' in length insulated with Chim Mix poured chimney insulation to vent two gas boilers over 1,000,000 BTU each and one gas water heater.

Strictly Chimneys LLC crew, Wes, Jeff, MIke, and Alex.

The existing chimney flue is big enough to fall in.Watch out below!

The chimney liners came in 10' sections.

Two of the breechings were square for the boilers, the water heater had a 16" round thimble.

Besides staging set up on the roof, a 60' articulating boom lift was used to bring up all the materials.

One chimney liner in. We had to use cables to slowly lower down each 10' section before attaching the next. Five 10' sections per liner, 15 sections total.

All chimney liners in and pouring the insulation.

All this insulation was used, we had two bags left over.

Alex from Strictly Chimneys LLC having fun hydrating the insulation.

All the chimney insulation is in.

Storm collars installed and liners trimmed.

A custom made stainless steel chimney cap installed to prevent water/animal entry.

Strictly Chimneys LLC had custom made snouts made by Melnick Metal Works Inc. in Bristol CT to adapt to the square breeching.

All measurements had to be presise to line up these breechings and the three existing clean outs 10' below.

This 16" round thimble was used for the water heater.

All bricked up and ready for connection. This job was inspected by the State of Connecticut. Both the State inspector and Bristol High School were very happy with the work by Strictly Chimneys LLC.

The Shaffer Company, Inc. connected the breechings to the custom made thimbles. Perfect fit!

Good view from up here!

Wes & Alex from Strictly Chimneys LLC. Job well done.


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