This photo journal is just a glimpse into who we are and what we do!! We are proud to post our pictures because we stand behind our work and garauntee every job is done once and done right!!

Chase Cover and Cap

This is a broken boiler flue from an inside view, no one would ever know from the outside that the clay is broken and ready to fall into the boiler, that's why it is so important to have your boiler flues inspected by a trained professional

Custom made triple wall stainless steel stack pipe

Customer with squirrel in the pipe of chimney

Removal of baby squirrels

Our "Big Kahuna" from Always Affordable Chimney, Inc. doing his famous installation of a stainless steel liner, balancing act!!

About to install a stainless steel chimney liner

Custom cement down chimney cap

Commercial jobs are a piece of cake!! We have the resources, knowledge, and experience to get any job done and done right the first time!!!


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