Old outdated fireplace insert installation problems

Old outdated fireplace insert install and creosote problems. Commonly called slamers by chimney sweeps.

Wood stove and connector pipe installed

Hampton H3100 Installed by Tim's Chimney Service, Saginaw, Michigan

Regency Gas insert installed by Tim's Chimney Service Saginaw, Michigan.
A great way to increase the efficiency of a cold fireplace. Very flexible installation options and design elements.

Old style insert in fireplace without benefit of full direct connector and liner system.
One of the many faulty installations found in the field by Tim's Chimney Service, Saginaw, Michigan.

Tar glaze hazardous build up found due to an outdated old fireplace insert. Very difficult to remove.
Typically found in field by Tim's Chimney Service.
We are finding less of these as the years go bydue to better educated consumers.


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