Chimney Chase tops/caps

When your chimney is surrounded by a structure,[CHASE] then the top pan cover MUST be properly sloped so that water does not SIT on it and run towards the chimney itself. Here are several pics of Chaes done right and one done wrong [its the one with the pool of water].

When you Chimney Professional installs this metal chase pan top cove, ensure that the drop edge is long enough and the edge flares out slightly to shed water away from the actual chase sides.


Drawing of a chase pan with NO flue openings

Chase pan with flue collar for stainless steel chimney to exit out of

Showing the different parts of a proper chase pan cover install

Hmmm, wading pool for the birds?? Note there is no run off edging on this pan

Notice the run off edging [raised bends radiatiing from the chimney] this aids in water run off


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