Cast in place concrete chimney crown

Masonry chimney crowns, washes or splays as they are sometimes referred to, protect the top of the chimney from rain water. They are typically constructed of mortar and sloped to the edge of the top course or layer of brick.  Mortar is not the correct material for a crown but it is what is commonly used by the brick layer during the original construction. These types of crown washes usually fail by cracking or lifting off the top course of brick with in 10 years.  The Brick Institute of America (BIA) suggest a much better design where concrete is used instead of mortar and the crown overhangs 1 1/2 inches over the top course of brick thereby shedding the rain water away from the chimney instead of right down the sides of the chimney and into a voids between the mortar joints.

Winston's Chimney Service, serving Arlington and Fairfax Counties starts a cast in place concrete crown.

Winston's Chimney Service, serving Montgomery County Maryland installs the forms to repair the chimney crown.

Winston's Chimney Service, serving Washington, DC reconstructed a mortar crown into a cast in place concrete chimney crown.


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