Good Bad and Broken Chimneys


Old outdated fireplace insert installation problems

Tim's Chimney Service

Chimney Sweeping & Repairs


Cast in place concrete chimney crown

Chuck Hall; Winston's

Fireplace Facelift

Chuck Hall; Winston's

1880 Historic Chimney Restoration Project

Marge Padgitt

Why do you need a chimney cap?

duxbury chimney sweep

Glazed Creosote Found During A Chimney Reline - Chimney Savers Inc

Chimney Savers Inc.

Strictly Chimneys LLC installs New Chimney Liners at Bristol CT School

Strictly Chimneys LLC

Stainless Steel Chimney Cap Before and After by Chimney Savers

Chimney Savers Inc.

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Smoke Signals: Have a question about your chimney?