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Chimney Doctor

Phone: 814-479-2372, 814-623-0414

Service Area: Johnstown, Somerset, Bedford


About Chimney Doctor:

The Chimney Doctor handles maintenance of wood stoves, coal stoves/furnaces and wood-burning fireplaces, too. Our certified sweeps have extensive experience with chimney repair, liners, chimney caps, and chase covers. The Chimney Doctors service includes a full fireplace inspection of the brick crowns, flashing, caps, roof shingles, lining and firebox, and can handle the waterproofing and repair, including smoke guards.

Full inspections are available from the top of the chimney, including the chimney cap, chimney crown, flashing, brickwork. The Chimney Doctors will check for loose roof shingles. Following the cleaning, The Chimney Doctor will do a full inspection of the smoke chamber, damper, firebox, lintel, hearth, and the ash dump door.

The Chimney Doctor can also install stainless steel chimney liners. Many masonry chimneys have terra cotta flue tile liner. These liners are very effective as a heat insulator if they experience a chimney fire, but are also very brittle and usually crack when they are exposed to thermal shock.

Chimney Doctor
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