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Posted in my damper cracked and split I need to replace on January 12, 2015

You have some great CSIA Certified chimney sweeps in your area. One of them should be able to help you, use Dampers can be tricky to repair, and there are many different kinds depending on the way your fireplace or wood stove is constructed. If you are DIY inclined, stove shop for wood stoves, masonry supplier for masonry fireplaces. Prefab fireplaces are probably not for DIY. Sweeps luck! Billy

Posted in clay flues on January 12, 2015

HI! As Yvette suggests above, more information is needed to answer your questions. Contact a local CSIA certified chimney sweep who performs inspections of flues with a camera. This way you will be able to see the condition of the flue tile liners top to bottom and can assess their condition throughout the chimney. Sweeps luck to you! Billy

Posted in cleaning wood stove on December 22, 2014

I don't know, I've never tried that. Let us know how it works! Somehow I get the feeling you might be putting us on....

Posted in Chimney leaking water into house on December 15, 2014

Hi, Water can get into your home around the chimney in a few ways: right down from the top, through cracks in the mortar between the bricks, and even right through the bricks themselves! A cap properly sized to cover the whole top of the chimney can stop the first, any pointing or rebuilding of the masonry, combined with waterproofing the chimney afterwards can stop the other two. And as Yvette notes above, the flashing may need repair or replacement. If your chimney lacks a cricket, that can be a source of water penetration. Water may even get in from your roof, and then run down onto the bricks, looking every bit as though the chimney is the source of the water. It may even come from condensation from your heating system. A thorough diagnosis and and step by step plan can address these issues. Consider hiring a certified sweep competent in water issues. Sweeps Luck, Billy

Posted in stovepipe not carrying all smoke out of room. on December 9, 2014

Hi wood stove, there is not a lot of information to go on to advise you, I recommend you contact your nearest CSIA certified sweep. Stove pipe that is as straight as possible is desirable, that is probably not the issue. Sweep's luck to you! Billy

Posted in brick fallen in the chimney on August 13, 2014

Dear Brick fallen, Please hire a certified chimney sweep right away! If you burn gas in your boiler or water heater, you could be exposing yourself and your family to CO poisoning and NOT EVEN KNOW IT. Carbon Monoxide gas is deadly poisonous, odorless, and colorless. If your systems are currently off, you have time to choose your sweep. Please do not delay. I hope this helps you, Billy

Posted in draft problems on August 13, 2014

Hi Ron, There can be a few different things that contribute to your chimneys performance. Hiring a certified chimney sweep is a simple way to get those things. Some things to consider: a rule of thumb is that your flue size should be 10 times the area of your fireplace, so 42x36= 1512, divided by 10=151 square inches. Your chimney will want a 12x17 flue liner to accommodate that. That is BIG. The shallowness of your fireplace is not an issue if the flue is big enough. Another concern is if your fireplace's draft has to compete. If there is another chimney for a wood stove or a heating system, or if you have a kitchen draft hood or a bathroom fan running, that may be overcoming the fireplace's draft. Smoothness of the smoke chamber is another factor. Sweep's luck to you! Billy

Posted in run liner for heater through inside walls on March 31, 2014

Hi Pennsylvania, Liners for chimneys require a structurally sound chimney for the liner and chimney to be safe. Either one without the other is insufficient for use. If your chimney collapsed and was not rebuilt, and the liner was in fact installed in the wall as if it were a chimney, I would say you are not safe. Best to hire a local CSIA certified sweep to check it out. I hope this is helpful, Billy Sweet

Posted in Told my chimney cannot be lined therefore i cannot use my fireplaces on February 5, 2014

Hi 5 flues, Supaflu is a great product. Like all products, it works great for some applications and not so great for others. Have you had a level 2 inspection performed with a chimney camera by a certified chimney sweep? You reside in MA. Hire a MA Construction Supervisor License holder who is qualified to do this work and who gets the proper permits. (S)he should be insured and pay workman's comp for employees. Sweep's luck, Billy

Posted in Smoke coming from unused fireplace. on January 15, 2014

HI Cornwall, Locate and hire a qualified local sweep to inspect your flue and clean it if necessary. From time to time we find a brick has fallen down an old chimney and partially blocked the flue. The sweep will want to look to see if the brick came from a benign place (ie the very top of the chimney) or if it came from a dangerous place (part of the chimney inside your home. Sweeps luck to you! Billy

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