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Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep

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Service Area: Greater Boston MA, greater Portland ME


About Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep:

We love the joy an open fire can bring, as long as it stays where it belongs!

We want your home to be safe and secure from chimney fires and carbon monoxide fumes.

That is why we offer the most careful inspection available, using the latest in chimney inspection cameras, EVERY TIME WE CLEAN A CHIMNEY.

We fix Smoking Chimneys. We fix Leaky Chimneys. We fix Carbon Monoxide problems. We fix Chimney Fire problems. We fix Masonry. We fix Flashing. Dampers. Cleanout doors. You name it. If it is chimneys, we fix it.

We've cleaned chimneys since 1978, from Bar Harbor to New York City, from the earliest colonial chimneys to our modern direct vent. We have even repaired chimneys in California and Washington State!

Gas, Oil, Coal, Wood, we inspect and clean it all.

We install stainless steel liners, Thermocrete Ceramic Flue Sealant, and Heatshield Flue Sealant. Rain caps that work. Dampers, Cleanout doors, fans, if you want it to a chimney, we can do it right.

We are Master Masons.

We are licensed in Massachusetts (required for all chimney masonry and lining work) and certified with the Chimney Safety Institute of America.

We carry $2,000,000 general liability insurance.

We are insured for Workman's Comp.

Contact us today for your inspection and cleaning, or your FREE leaky chimney evaluation or your FREE smokey chimney evaluation!

For Greater Boston area customers, call 617-469-4528.

For Greater Portland ME area customers, call 207-773-7933.

Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep
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