Anatomy of a chimney

A chimney, simply put, is a vertical tube designed to draw combustion products (smoke and gasses) from an appliance like a wood stove or fireplace to the atmosphere outside the house. Here are the basic parts:

Questions To Ask A Chimney Sweep Before You Hire

What do you need to ask before you hire a chimney sweep. What are the qualifications of the chimney sweep? What happens if something goes wrong - Insurance? Is the chimney sweep properly trained…how do you know?

Why Chimney Sweeps are Lucky

Marge Padgitt

Most people know that chimney sweeps bring good luck, wealth, and happiness, but don’t know how the tradition started.

Fireplace Accessories

Todd Woofenden

As you look at your fireplace, you should consider a number of options that will make your wood-burning experience more enjoyable. These range from gloves for use with the fireplace to installing a wood stove into the fireplace; such a wood stove is called a fireplace insert.

What to Expect with an Historic Chimney

Marge Padgitt

Most homeowners who purchase historic homes recognize the fact that older structures need a lot of work. There are structural issues to deal with as well as cosmetic, and the larger the home, the more problems to address.

Types of fireplaces

Todd Woofenden

All fireplaces are not created equal. In fact, other than factory-built fireplaces, no two fireplaces are the same. Even if your fireplace seems identical to your neighbor’s (suppose, for instance, that you both bought the same model of factory built fireplace) they can behave very differently depending on how you use them.

Smoky woodstove: smoky endings

Todd Woofenden

If your stove seems to work okay once you get it going, but smokes when you are done using it, as the fire is going out, here are some possibilities.

Tips for wood stove users: 4 - 7

Todd Woofenden

Since there are countless different stove models in the field, each with its unique characteristics, it is beyond the scope of this book to cover the fine points of wood stove operation. But here are some general tips for all wood burners. A continuation of the Tips: 4 - 7

Smoke Signals: Have a question about your chimney?