Questions To Ask A Chimney Sweep Before You Hire

What do you need to ask before you hire a chimney sweep. What are the qualifications of the chimney sweep? What happens if something goes wrong - Insurance? Is the chimney sweep properly trained…how do you know?

Find a Good Chimney Sweep

Finding a good chimney sweep can be difficult..!! Especially since there are few cities which regulate the chimney sweep industry.

Which is Better - a Freestanding Stove or Fireplace Insert?

Marge Padgitt

So you’ve decided to purchase a wood-burning heating appliance but can’t decide whether a freestanding stove or a fireplace insert would be best? There are several factors to take into consideration before making the purchase.

Anatomy of a fireplace

Todd Woofenden

While there are differences among the various types of fireplaces, you will find several common parts. An understanding of the basic terminology is helpful. Parts of a fireplace.

How is Refractory Mortar Different?

How is refractory mortar different? Refractory mortar is made from high temperature cements and carefully selected aggregates that will not break down under high temperatures.  Heat Stop refractory mortars are considered the industry standard.

Four Pathways to Chimney Damage

Estoban Corporation

Did the crown erode and let water in? Did the mortar weaken, allowing the crown to settle… causing a cracked crown letting more water in.

Anatomy of a woodstove

Todd Woofenden

Although there are many different models of wood stoves, there are several basic components in all stoves. We will take a look at parts found in all woodstoves as well as those found only in some woodstoves.

A chimney fire can cause more damage than expected to masonry chimneys

Marge Padgitt

The number of damaged chimneys that homeowners are unaware of is staggering.

Smoke Signals: Have a question about your chimney?